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Your Private Label, Bulk and CBD Product Production Partner for THC-Free CBDa, CBn, and CBg.
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Our Wholesale CBD Products Are:

Pharmaceutical Grade CBD

Production, delivery, and development of your own CBD products under one roof.

We are your complete partner for pharmaceutical cannabidiol (CBD) tinctures, soft-gels concentrates, vaporizers, salves, skincare, and custom mixes to meet every need.

Our products are available in THC-free versions, full-spectrum versions, and CBDa, CBg, CBn variations.

Bulk Raw CBD Mass

We are an exporter and wholesaler of Cannabidiol (CBD) raw materials. We obtain our raw materials from certified organic cultivation. Constant quality controls guarantee the high purity of our raw CBD products. 

CBD Skin Care

In addition to CBD product manufacturing, we also offer our customers high-quality CBD skin care preparations of cosmetics. We develop CBD skin care products with plant stem cells for maximum effectiveness. Profit from our attractive prices and partner models.

CBD Private Label

Are you looking for CBD Private Label products? Then you are in the right place. In addition to our qualified and innovative product development, we also convey your design and marketing strategy to our specialists.

The Complete CBD White Label Package

  • Our products become yours. We work directly with your design team to deliver a complete CBD product line that matches branding with creative packing ideas that are sure to impress. 
  • Innovative laboratory technicians are constantly developing and refining the production process so you can stay ahead of the industry. We are the only laboratory in the USA developing 100% pure CBDa, CBn, and CBg products that are 100% THC-free.
  • Our CBD skin care products can be created with stem-cells for outstanding results and a marketing factor thats easy to sell.  
  • COAs (Certificate of Analysis) for all products to meet the needs of customers, banks, and merchant account providers. 
  • Our CBD products are tested in-house and by an industry recognized 3rd party to ensure quality and dependability. 

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is one of the two main substances in the hemp plant of the genus Cannabis Sativa. It is not psychoactive, and is particularly distinguished by its pharmaceutical and cosmetic properties such as antiphligation and antioxidant. 

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CBD Products That Match Your Target Audience

In the crowded field of CBD products, we can help you differentiate your brand with a CBD product lineup that sets you apart in the marketplace.

Unique packaging is just the beginning. Our laboratory technicians can work with you to build custom formulations to target specific needs such as; pain, nausea, anxiety, sleep, performance, and CBD products geared towards men or women.

Speak with an expert today about what Pieris can do for you. 

Pieris CBD White Label Reviews

“Highest potency I have seen from any CBD wholesaler. The CBDa and CBn products are incredible. My customers love them” —JOY

“The only THC-free product with a true entourage effect!”

“Great service and my customers love the CBDa vaporizer, I am selling out almost once a week right now.” —DENNIS

“The only CBD wholsaler I have found willing to help me deign my own custom products.” —SARA

“Highest quality CBD on the market period. You feel it almost immediatly and the retun orders are the best I have had in two years.” —LOUIS

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